Why Vote

Stan Stanart served as your Harris County Clerk and Chief Election Official from 2011 through 2018.  As a technical software and IT engineer Stan worked on the International Space Station and in Product Development at Compaq Computer.

Since Stan left office, the incompetent Democrat County Clerk and now the Election Administrator have ignored and twisted many election laws, been sued multiple times and has repeatedly been admonished by the Texas Attorney General and Texas Supreme Court.  Many voters had to wait over 6 hours to cast their vote in the March 2020 Primary Election.

In the March 2020 Primary, some voters waited over six hours to cast their ballot!

With 8 years of experience serving you as your County Clerk, Stan significantly improved technology, put millions of documents online, and received many accolades and awards.  He saved millions and enhanced the safety, security and integrity of elections, including creating the iPad electronic pollbook used at the polls.

Stan says in this election we must:

  • Vote for fair and secure elections.
  • Stand and vote proudly for the U. S. Flag.
  • Vote against Marxism, rioting, looting, and violence, while supporting  one’s right to protest peacefully.
  • Vote  for dedicated law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges who will protect us from lawlessness and stand for law and order. 

Vote for Law and Order and the future of our Country! 

Please join Stan and vote for Law and Order and the future of our Country!